SS Governor Cobb


SS Governor Cobb was an American coastal passenger steamboat built in 1906. The ship had a double steel bottom and four decks—a main deck, saloon, gallery, and dome deck.  There were 175 staterooms, and freight was also carried in the hold and on the main deck.

During World War I, the United States Shipping Board requisitioned the ship for use as a training ship. Following the war, she was leased to the Peninsular & Occidental Steamship Co., a subsidiary of the Florida East Coast Railway for service on the Key West to Havana route.

In 1937, the ship was sold to the Romance Line but failed an inspection by the Bureau of Navigation and Steamboat Inspection and was subsequently laid up. In 1942, Governor Cobb was requisitioned at Philadelphia by the War Shipping Administration, after which she was stationed at New York.

Following Governor Cobb's acquisition by the War Shipping Administration, the ship was acquired by the United States Coast Guard and used in testing the effectiveness of the newly developed Sikorsky helicopter for anti-submarine warfare. Shortly after the war, Governor Cobb was decommissioned due to high maintenance costs and sold. She was scrapped in 1947.