Built 1932 as the yacht Alamo by the Mathis Yacht Building Co., Camden, NJ for William Ladd of New York and sold in 1934 to Lucius Manning, President of the Cord Automobile Corp… then sold back to Mr. Ladd in 1936. Like many yachts from the period, it was acquired by the Navy in early 1942 classified a Coastal Patrol Yacht and re-named Alabaster. It was decommissioned in 1945. Later, she was purchased and restored as a private cruising yacht. It was featured in "Sea and Pacific Motor Boat" magazine and was the largest private yacht on the West Coast for many years. It was also used as the setting for the No.1 rated television show in the 1960's, CBS's "Mr. Lucky" series, starring John Vivian, Ross Martin and Piper Laurie. The show utilized the “Fortuna II” as both an upscale floating restaurant, and later a casino. Alabaster sold in 1960 to Enrique Braun of Acapulco, Mexico and renamed Fiesta II and was a harbor cruise vessel until 1982 when it was sold and towed to Puerto Vallarta to be converted to a floating restaurant. It burned and sank during conversion and its wreckage is now a popular scuba diving venue.