John D. Taylor


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John Taylor holds an undergraduate degree in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from North Carolina State University. He first began exhibiting 2-dimensional work in New York City in the early 1980’s. He relocated to California in the late 1980’s – the change in environment, and his outlook on contemporary and mainstream art led him to a ten-year process of involvement in design and photographing streamline moderne architecture in Los Angeles, largely abandoning formal art. While living in a vintage 1950’s one story home in Capistrano Beach, he began fabricating small 19th century Western buildings from the original redwood fence that had surrounded the property. From that new beginning, he experienced an artistic revelation in his work, which utilized ocean and river vessels as the medium of expression, incorporating a love of found objects, technology castoffs, and vintage materials. Since that time, he has produced over 250 pieces, been recognized in numerous articles and exhibits, and served as a speaker and visiting artist at museums and universities. His work is now in several prestigious collections. 





A Word About Commissions 

When people have special interests in particular vessels, those ships or boats tend to be very unique and interesting in themselves. Some commissions have included purse seiners from the 1930's San Diego Tuna Fishing Fleet, the Confederate raider CSS Alabama, an 1840's Hudson River steamboat the Syracuse, specially done sperm whales, the WWII heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis, Union ironclad USS Dunderberg, and vessels of the Great Lakes. 

Please contact me about your special interest.


J. Willott Gallery, 73190 El Paseo Palm Desert, CA 92260

(760) 568-3180, Josh Willott

Mason Fine Art, 415 Plasters Ave., Atlanta, GA 30324

(404) 879-1500 

Imprint Gallery, 183 N Hemlock St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110

(503) 436-4466

Significant Shows

Microsoft Artist Lecture Series, 2015

Festival of the Arts, Laguna Beach, CA 2001-2014

Henry Art Museum, University of Washington, “High Tide: Imaging Maritime Space,” 2003

Carol Duvall Show episode 1325, 2004

Michael Berger Gallery, Pittsburg, PA, 2004

Microsoft Artist Lecture Series, 2005

Palm Springs Museum of Art, 2005

Smithsonian National Craft Show, Bronze Artist Award, 2005

University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Visiting Artist, 2006

Boise Art Museum, “Submerge,” 2008

Oceanside Museum of Art, “Ghost Fleet,” 2012

Laguna Art Museum, 2015

Outside Art Fair, 2018, 2019



Art Space MuMu, Moscow, Russia

Microsoft Corporation

Andre Agassi

Billy Joel

Dick Wolf, creator Law and Order

Stansfield Turner, former Director CIA

David Bradley, Editor, Owner The Atlantic Magazine

Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts, Permanent Collection



American Self-Taught Art, Florence Laffal

Raw Vision Sourcebook, Raw Vision


Links and Inspiration 

Michael DeLeon Photography

J Willot Gallery

William Skrips

Gerard Cambon